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Domain Name Disputes Process

A party files a domain name Complaint with the FORUM in accordance with the appropriate policy and Supplemental Rule set. This party is known as the Complainant. A copy is sent or transmitted to the Respondent and the disputed domain name’s registrar.

Once the case is filed, the FORUM reviews the Complaint for administrative compliance. The Complainant has 5 days to bring the Complaint into compliance with the rules or the Complaint will be dismissed.

Once the Complaint has been processed and accepted by the FORUM, the case is commenced. In most cases the Respondent has 20 days to file a response with the FORUM in accordance with the appropriate policy and Supplemental Rule set.

The Respondent files a written response with the FORUM. If the Respondent does not provide a written response, the deciding panel will only consider the Complainant’s submissions.

Each party may submit one additional submission following the FORUM’s acceptance of the Response; refer to the Supplemental Rules for instructions, restrictions and fees.

The FORUM assigns a panel (or arbitrator[s]) to hear the case.

The panel reviews the Complaint and the Response, and has the discretion to review any additional submissions from the parties.

The panel issues a decision. The decision is published by the FORUM and communicated to the parties, the registrar, and the appropriate Internet body (such as ICANN or NeuStar).

Please note that this flowchart is not a substitute for the policies and rules governing domain name disputes. Parties to a domain name dispute must read and adhere to the procedures and deadlines outlined by the appropriate dispute resolution policy, its rule set, and the FORUM’s applicable Supplemental Rule set.