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Fee Information
The fees for our domain name dispute resolution services are outlined in our Supplemental Rule sets. The fee schedules provide cost information for filing Complaints, review by a three-member panel, and participatory and document hearings. 

Different Policies, Different Fees
The FORUM's Supplemental Rules are different for each policy; likewise, our fees differ from one Supplemental Rule set to another. Please refer to the appropriate Supplemental Rule set for fee information.

FORUM Supplemental Rules
CEDRP (CEDRP Rule 19, "Fees")

CRCP ( (Rule 15, "Fees")

ERDRP (Rule 17, "Fees")

MDRP (Rule 17, "Fees")

PDDRP (Rule 24, "Fees")

QCP (Rule 17, "Fees")

RDRP (Rule 17, "Fees")

REDRP (See Individual Policy Pages)

RES (Rule 17, "Fees")

RRDRP (Rule 23, "Fees")

SDRP (See Individual Policy Pages)

TDRP (Rule 16, "Fees")

UDRP (Rule 17, "Fees")

URS (Rule 18, "Fees")

usDRP (Rule 17, "Fees")

usNDP (Rule 16, "Fees")


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